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Who does not like a fascinating thriller novel which can keep them busy during the weekends to find out the truth behind the story. A great number of crime novels have come out in 2020, which can keep engaged in an entertaining storyline while you deal with the quarantine. We have assembled a list of crime books that you can start reading today. This summer you can relax and enjoy a good thriller at your home and unravel some fascinating stories.

Pretty as a Picture, Elizabeth Little

Pretty as a Picture, Elizabeth Little

If you are looking for a perfect Hollywood style thriller, then this book is something you should have in your collection. The story revolves around an editor who gets a chance to work with a known director who has made successful films and owns several productions. She heads to the production location where she finds out that the previous editor disappeared mysteriously. Two teenage girls, a makeup artist, and the children of a chef take on the investigation of the case which gets twistier every minute.

The Coyotes of Carthage, Steven Wright

This book is a cynical and intricate tale of greed, political corruption, and power. When a political fixer messes up a major campaign, he gets one last chance to redeem himself. He heads to the South Carolina backwoods with a quarter million of black money and tries to convince the locals to allow corporate interests in their nature preserve. To do this, he finds a family to advocate for him. What happens after that is a stairway to hell.

Things in Jars, Jess Kidd

Things in Jars, Jess Kidd

This playful novel filled with Victorian mythos and science can get people intrigued as they go along. The story is about a resurrectionist-turned-doctor who becomes an investigator. He gets hired by a wealthy gentleman scientist to track down his daughter. The investigation reveals that she is not the scientist’s daughter but one of his specimens. She gets kidnapped by a criminal nanny who has her own backstory, while the Kidd’s heroine joins a handsome ghost of a dead Irish boxer. There is a lot more to explore in this novel which will never let you settle for a mediocre storyline.

These Women, Ivy Pochoda

Ivy Pochoda’s latest novel is a story about five women who slowly connect by a man who no one has met before. All five women become victims of this mysterious man’s little game. Each woman gets a room for their stories, and their lives become more vibrant as the story reveals how they are being threatened. If you want to appreciate any of the works from Ivy Pochoda, These Women is the book you can try out this summer. The suspense and empathy of the storyline manage to make this book timeless and graceful.


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