The Cystic Acne Dilemna


Cystic acne is a serious problem. It can cause scarring if not treated. The following are some tips for cystic acne.

Don’t Over Wash

Cystic acne is rarely treated by good hygiene. Hygiene has very little to do with cystic acne, according to many experts. So if you’re rubbing and scrubbing you are just irritating your good skin. This is not a nice way to treat yourself.

Go Straight to the Doctor

Cystic Acne is the most serious form of acne. Doctors are always checking if acne is cystic because cystic acne can be huge craters on the face.

The good news is, there are treatments. A person might not want to wait until the acne clears up, if ever, to treat the scars. The best way to prevent the possibility of acne scars is proactive treatment.

Some of the treatments for acne are very risky. You should use your own caution when utilizing what is available, carefully weighing on the pro’s and con’s.